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~~Hinders Betalin tutti frutti

Already a proven fish catcher in Europe Betalin is Natural Sweetener with a uniquely tutti frutti Aroma that carp find incredibly attractive. Unlike artificial sweetener Betalin has NO unpleasant after taste, odor or bitterness. Betalin has the proven carp puller betaine dissolved down into it to add to its catching power. Betalin provides a lingering smell and taste even when baits have been out in the water for long periods.

Ideal for:

• Instant Attraction as a dip or glug.
• Enhances Particle Baits
• Readily Absorbed by Plastic Baits
• Rounds out the taste of Flavors
• PVA Friendly
• Contains Betaine a known Carp attractor!

How to Use Betalin…

Betalin makes a great dip or soak for almost any bait including Boilies, Pop-Ups, Plastic Imitations or Particles.

When preparing particles simply can add 3- 5ml per kilo when soaking prior to boiling. Select a few hook bait particles (Tiger nuts, Maize etc) and store in containers with a little more Betalin. It will not only help preserve them but will also make them stand out as well as make them easy to use in PVA bags and sticks.

If you make you own boilies then simply add 1-2ml Betalin tutti frutti per six eggs mix.

When added to your favorite flavor Betalin not only gives it that added attraction but can also round out any bitter after taste.

Paylakers… this will make your puffs and pack irresistible!

Remember a Little goes a Long Way!

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Hinders Betalin tutti frutti

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