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Liquid Trigga

A nutritional blend of pre-digested proteins and natural attractors specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the Trigga Base Mix.

Liquid Trigga Ice

We first played around with spice oleo resins way back in 1988 and have for many years been aware of their potential when incorporated in a high quality carp bait. Consequently, when we were looking for a way of making Liquid Trigga even more effective in colder water temperatures, the most outstanding of all the oleo resins went straight to the top of our list.

I think it’s fair to say we choose well. Liquid Trigga Ice in conjunction with the Trigga Ice base mix has totally changed the way many of our fieldtesters now view winter carp baits and indeed what they expect their winter campaigns to produce.

Our recommendation is that Liquid Trigga Ice should be added to the base mix at 5-10ml per egg, which equates to 25-50ml per 500g mix.

Liquid 3D

In common with Trigga and many other of today's most successful baits, there is a liquid 3D food source that has been specifically developed to be used in conjunction with the 3D base mix and that complements the base mix ingredients superbly. Based on a pungent combination of natural marine proteins and extracts, the inclusion rate for Liquid 3D is recommended at 20-25ml per 500g of base mix, with plenty of room for experimentation upwards.

Liquid 3D really is a very special product indeed and indications from our fieldtesting team suggest that the standard 3D recipe can be made increasingly instant by simply upping the inclusion rate of Liquid 3D.

G-Force Liquid

Our field testing team report best results on G-Force base mix with the addition of around 20ml of this wonderful smelling, nutritional liquid food per 500g.

Produced from a combination of, amongst other things, human food grade Salmon and Scallop Marine extracts, its nutritional make up matches that of the G-Force base mix superbly, hence our recommendation that for best results, the two products should be used in combination.

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Liquid Foods 250ml

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