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Steve Neville 'Neville Eye' Motion sensor/intruder alarm? - With tackle theft being a major worry a carefully placed Neville Eye will be able to help look out for someone entering your swim, all you need is a spare channel on your Steve Neville receiver.?
Locate the device carefully in a place where it is not easily seen but where it will see someone walking towards your swim.

The PIR sensor detects movement up to 7 metres from the front of the sensor, it is most sensitive to movement directly in front of the sensor. An adavanced filtering programme looks for patterns of movement over a short space of time in order to decrease false alarms.

When the sensor is triggered there may be a 2 second delay before it send a stream of beeps to the receiver for 3 seconds, these beeps are different to the sound transmitted from bite alarms for easy recognition, after being triggerd there is a delay of 5 seconds for the sensor to re-arm.

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