Cygnet Distance sticks

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For a long time anglers have got by using bank sticks or pegs to measure the distance they are fishing out too. Now Cygnet Tackle have brought out a purpose designed kit for this process. Cygnet Distance Sticks make short work of accurately hitting your chosen spot every time. No more re-markering or casting around. Simply place your sticks in the ground, wind out the required amount of line, clip-up and re-cast. Simple, easy and extremely accurate angling with a minimum of fuss.

Supplied with 2 poles and a 12ft length of cord with rings at both ends.

Simply push 1 of the poles through 1 of the rings on the cord and push into the ground. Tension the cord to its fullest and push the other pole through the ring at the other end of the cord into the ground, You now have an exact measure of 12ft.

Once you have cast out to your mark simply clip up and wind in and wrap your mainline around the poles count the number of turns and you have a distance to your mark. Record your findings and now you have a simple way to find the same spot without the need for hassle.

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Cygnet Distance sticks

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