Cygnet Multi Pod

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The Multi Pod is built around twin central bars to deliver the ultimate in stability. Its interchangeable legs boast independent locking mechanisms to accommodate ANY terrain and its buzzer bar supports are independently lockable too, accommodating almost any rod angle, from tips down to near vertical.
Features include:
• Incredible stability due to twin central bar construction
• Fully extendable middle, ideal for either 12 or 13’ (3m60 und 3m90) rods
• Supplied with 10”, 12”, 24” and 36” (25, 30, 60 and 90cm) extending legs
• All legs fully interchangeable for ultimate versatility
• Supplied with 3 rod buzzer bars and case
• Buzzer bars seated on fully articulated arms, again for incredible versatility
• Case includes a pocket to take your bars fully made up
• Total Weight of pod (inc case and all accessories) 5.4kg

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